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16. dubna 2009 v 18:52 | Achája Eressiel |  Let it Bleed

So angry again. Everything is the same. All the time. You feel like you´re dying. Just wake up, go to school, suvive somehow, go home, don´t do homeworks, don´t do anything and go to bed. Don´t sleep enough. Wake up again, tired and bored, ´cause everything is the same...
Don´t know what to do, how change things, how survive next fucking day. Because everything is so fucket up.
Hell yeah. I have english mood. World makes me crazy again. I don´t wanna be here. Living like a suicide. Do some dangerous stuff. Make life more exciting and interestyng in any way. Jump and fly. Run away. Don´t care about nothing. Be free.
I´m really going to crazy. I´m so angry and frustrated. But not so much as I was a while ago. I talked with my mother. It makes it better. What is strange, because usually it makes it worse. So strange day. I´m nervous since I woke up, without a reason. Lot of thing happened. Afternoon I walked throught the city, all in black again and in very bad mood. Oviously it was visible. People looked at me more scared, strangely and disgustedly than usually. I didn´t care.
I feel so weird that I don´t know, how I feel.
I thing I´m slowly falling in love with wrong guy. He is too young. But it´s not love. I just become fascinated his hair. I should stop watching him. But...It´s fun.
Oh my hair. Another reason to be angry. I´m so bored. I need change my hair. I thing, I´ll cut them myself. Today. I can´t wait.
There is so much things need to do. But I can´t. I forgot my art homeworks at school. I should paint a picture for my brother. But I can´t drow a motorcycles. I will try it. We´ll see.
So much to do... And I´m still angry because lots of reasons. But not as much as I was.
I´m listenig Three days grace again. It helps.
Oh my god...

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